Art has always been my passion. As a young girl I've always had a big imagination and was able to produce them outside of my head. I produce them in many mediums of art. I love to paint, draw, design, and make photographs.

My goal is to create beautiful portraits and design great pieces of art and share them with the world to see. I am very dedicated and passionate about every piece of work that I create.  My favorite aspect about art is being able to tell a story through the art.  Photography and graphic design is one of the most powerful mediums of expression.


PEOPLE. The everyday lifestyle each individual encounters in their community and environment interests and intrigues me everywhere I go. I love to observe the unique characteristics in the people and their culture. The world is so busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life - it never stops to see, hear, or listen to the ordinary yet amazing beauty that exists in the simplicities of life. The reason I love what I do as an artist is because I have the ability to stop the world and make them see, hear, listen, and ultimately appreciate something uncommon to their own lifestyle. 

I greatly appreciate you for visiting, please feel free to stop in any time. There will always be new pieces to view.



Kimberly Jackson Photography